Imagine your dog playing in the park or elsewhere, and all of a sudden he tries to hide somewhere. Strange, isn’t it? Is that buzzing sound of a fly irritating or traumatizing your pet dog? Is your animal acting terrified, unfamiliar, and annoyed around flies? Today, I will tell you about Why Dog Have a Fear of Flies in this article.

Quite a several dogs are not well socialized when they were just a puppy. Therefore a fly may seem unusual being to him and he reacts loud or scared around it. Be it a big, raging dog or a fluffy show dog it is quite amusing to see them hide under something. However, this may not be a comical situation for your pet. Just like us, animals like dogs can also feel fear and other feelings and this is their way of expression. We just need to keep an eye on their unusual behavior and quick action is always appreciable. 

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The Reason Why Your Dog Have a Fear Of Flies

There may be certain reasons for a dog to act weird in the presence of a fly or flies. The dog may have anxiety seeing flies. It’s not always about the size of a dog to feel a certain being as fearsome. Be it dog breeds like a big Saint Bernard or a cute, little Chihuahua, both can react the same after seeing flies. Moreover, a depleting fear like this is hard to understand for the owner as well. 

1.Has Been Stung In The Past

Negative experiences haunt even in present. If a dog has been bitten by a fly or has felt its sting then this may be a painful memory for him. Humans may consider flies as annoying creatures, however, they do not bite or sting. On the other hand flesh, flies or other types of flies do give dog bites which may remain for a longer time and hurt badly.

So, if in the past the dog has undergone such an experience he may revive the bad memories as soon as he hears the buzzing sound of a common housefly. Dogs are also prone to insectophobia which may be a reason of dogs being afraid of flies. Thus, even if you make him comfortable with your surroundings the incident from the past may still haunt him. This can happen even at a pet store or at the place where the dog was taking shelter before it came to you. 

2.Horrible Association

Sometimes flies may bring some bad memories to life if the dog was adopted from a shelter home. It might be possible that the conditions were not that hygienic and good for him. This may be the reason for some shelter dogs suffering from fear of flies. 

Often a rescue dog that is taken out from a shabby or a crabbed place with irregular conditions like no food and with a lot of flies may be affected differently. Even if the dog was not bitten by the fly, he may associate this with a horrid time and experience. The dog may also feel taken back to the time he was troubled by a fly or flies. 

3.Sensitive Hearing

Dogs have highly sensitive ears in comparison to humans. They have the capability of catching the frequency which we may generally ignore. That is why the buzzing sound of a fly may that a dog may hear sound irritating to him. This may cause a fear of flies in them as the sound is in high pitch and may drive them crazy at times. 

4.A Lack of Socialization

If you recently got a puppy or have even an adult dog it is essential to make them a social being. As pet owners, it is important to maintain a good degree of socialization. For their well-being and proper mental as well as physical development it is a necessary thing.

When dogs are still a pup and they are afraid to socialize and this may happen for any particular reason. There is no wonder in the fact that it requires a lot of extra effort to train them to socialize. Moreover, they also grow as very anxious beings and may develop fears that are irrational just like the dog fly phobia. Eventually, over the years these fears may increase their tendencies.

5.Painful Bite Experience

Quite a several times when as dog owners we are not paying attention our dog gets bitten by an insect. This incident registers in their mind and stays there as a pain point for a long. Sometimes it happens that insects as wasps or bees sting dogs badly creating pain. It hits them so badly that whenever they see an insect-like fly or something, the bad memories flash in their brain. 

Why Has Your Dog Developed A Phobia Of Flies?

Just like humans dogs also feel many emotions and act accordingly. Moreover, dogs have a remarkable sense of hearing and the buzzing sound of a fly may irritate them. A small creature as a fly may instigate some bad memories from the dog’s past. This can result in the development of a phobia making the issue of dog fear of flies all the more complicated.

How Do You Know If Your Dog Scared of Flies?

The following symptoms will tell you that Your Dog is Scared of Flies:

Hide When Flies Enter The Home

Usually, when dogs fear something they hide their tail between their legs and become timid. If you are a dog owner you will immediately find out something is not right. The same thing happens if the dog is afraid of flies and as soon as the fly enters his surroundings he may act like this. The dog may hide inside the piles of clothes, behind the bean bag or couch, or underneath the table. 

Aggressive Behavior

Your pet may show aggressive behavior and may snap at the visitors or start barking without any reason. Even if you scold him he may not stop that. If this repeats then it is a clear sign of a fly entering the house and irritating him. However, if there is no such reason it may require urgent medical help as it may also be a case of any disorder.

How To Help A Dog With A Fear Of Flies

The possible way out of overcoming the problem of dog fear of flies is by making your dog aware of flies. It may sound silly but can prove to be of great help.

Train Your Dog On How To Catch Flies

 As a dog owner, you can help your pet in training to catch flies. You can allow the entry of flies in any of the rooms. Thereafter, as soon as flies get collected in the room you can bring in the dog. You do not need to swat the flies instead let him catch some. In case your dog is unable to catch the flies you can imitate this and jump up and down showing him the way. 

As soon as your dog repeats your behavior you can offer him some treats as a reward. Continue this process till he becomes comfortable and starts catching the flies himself. You need to be patient in this process. It may not happen all of a sudden but gradually you will see a change in your dog’s behavior. This will very much help a dog who is afraid of flies.

Create A Positive Atmosphere

Playing often with a dog, patting him, spending some hours with him, feeding him may create a positive atmosphere around him. This may help your lovable pooch forget the bad memories of the past or cope with the fear of flies well.

Never Ignore Any Problem Of Your Dog

If your dog is repeating the same behavior in the presence of a fly then do not ignore it. Sort remedy for your pet. Your pet needs you to comfort him with love and understanding to resolve the issue of dog anxiety regarding flies.

How You Can Keep Flies Away From Your Dog

There are a variety of techniques that you can select from to help keep the flies away from your home and more particularly your dog. 

What Will Keep Flies Away?

Keeping the doors and windows in check and noticing the time of fly’s entry may help eliminate them. Cracks, tears, or any kind of opening must be kept closed. 

How Do You Get Rid of Flies on Dogs Fast?

Applying a generous coat of vaseline or any other petroleum jelly can help keep the flies away from your dog. This also ensures flesh flies are not attracted to any bites or wounds on the dog’s body. In addition to this, you may also apply dog-friendly repellents made of natural ingredients. 

Or you can also select from a variety of homemade products like apple cider vinegar, lemon, rosemary, mint, bay leaf, and basil can also serve the purpose. This keeps the flies away because of its strong scent.  

What Can You Spray on Your Dog to Repel Flies?

For serving the purpose naturally, you can always use home remedies. You just need to mix 1 part of this mixture with 5 parts of water. The mixture contains:

  • 1 cup apple cider vinegar 
  • 1 cup any mineral oil
  • Half teaspoon each of the following essential oils; bitter orange, citronella, lemongrass, clove, and eucalyptus.
  • 2 cups dish soap


It is a very common habit to have fear of flies in dogs of any breed or size. The fear may be the outcome of any kind of traumatic experience the dog must have gone through in his past. The pain he must have gone through may revive automatically with the buzzing sound of the fly. However, with proper practices, patience, love, care, and cooperation your dog can get away with this dog’s fear of flies.


What Would Happen If My Dog Ate a Fly?

Dogs are accustomed to eating house flies, drain flies, etc. and if the size of the insect is small then it is not dangerous at all.  

Why Are Dogs Afraid of Fly Swatters?

Sometimes many pet owners use fly swatters to get away with flies and this practice may make the dog afraid because of the punishment received bt-y the fly.

Are Dogs Scared of Roaches?

In case it’s a pup he may get scared of roaches. However, with time and experience dogs are generally not afraid of roaches.

Do Dogs Like to Catch Flies?

Yes, some dogs do like to catch flies. Some eat them while a few catch them for fun. 

Is It Normal for Dogs to Be Scared of Bugs?

Yes, it may be the buzzing sound, any traumatizing experience associated with the bug that may scare the dog. 

Can You Spray Apple Cider Vinegar on Your Dog?

Yes, apple cider vinegar can be diluted with water and then sprayed on dogs,

However, its direct concentrated form may aggravate some problems to the dog.

Does Vaseline Keep Flies Off Dogs?

Yes, vaseline just like any other petroleum jelly creates a layer on a dog’s skin thereby warding off the flies. 

Can Flies Give Dogs Diseases?

Black flies do bite dogs and feed on their blood laying eggs on the wounds of dogs.

Whereas non-biting flies feed on dogs’ sweat and transmit disease to them. 

Can a Dog Be Afraid of Bugs?

Many dogs do not like bugs because of their buzzing sound, smell, or some negative experience associated with them. 

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