As a new rescue dog owner, one of the most important things to remember is that you are in for an emotional rollercoaster with your new pet. Anxieties can be common in rescued dogs due to the lack of socialization and abuse they have suffered in their past. We will discuss some of the more common anxieties found among rescue dogs below.

According to this study, 72.5% of dogs had some kind of anxiety.

rescue dog anxiety
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The Most Common Rescue Dog Anxiety

Fearful behavior in Rescue Dogs

Being alone and separation anxiety may seem similar but they are different. Anxious behaviors that occur when a dog is crated or left home while its owners go out to work will be a result of separation anxiety. Anxious behaviors that occur when the dog is taken out in public or around other dogs will be from fearfulness and this could include fearful behavior towards people as well.

Separation anxiety in Rescue Dogs

Separation anxiety problem is most common in rescue dogs. Anxious dogs find it difficult to cope with being left alone. An anxious dog may not be able to relax and sleep, bark or whine for hours before the owner returns home from work. The best way to solve this kind of problem is by making your rescue dog more confident in you as well as their new environment.

Housebreaking issues in Rescue Dogs

Housebreaking is one of the common anxieties that can be found in rescue dogs. The problem may even cause your dog to stop using its restroom at all and it will lead to an accident on your floor or furniture.

There are times when a rescued shelter pup has not learned how to control their bladder and bowel movements because they were never taught.

The first thing you must do is to identify the problem and bring your pet to a vet for an examination. Anxieties Found In Rescue Dogs may also be caused by health issues like bladder or bowel infections, kidney disease, diabetes, or other health problems that can affect their ability to control themselves so it’s important for them to see a doctor.

Food aggression in Rescue Dogs

Anxieties are common in rescue dogs. Anxious dogs may have lived through a lot of trauma and will need patience, love, and time to heal mentally before they can trust you or anyone else for that matter. There are many different types of anxieties found among rescued dogs including aggressive behavior towards food. Food aggression is exactly what it sounds like. An anxious rescue dog may growl and even snap at you or another person when they go to eat or try to take their food away from them. The best thing that you can do is be patient with your new rescue dog, but if they are showing signs of aggression towards people around their food then it is time for a different approach.

Socialization problems in Rescue Dogs

Rescue dogs can come with a number of socialization problems. Anxious behavior in rescue dogs is common, and the new owner needs to be aware of the new dog’s behavior. Anxious rescue dogs that are not socialized can become fearful or aggressive, which is something to avoid at all costs.

Anxiety in rescue dogs is common and can be treated with the right training. If you know of any dog owners who are thinking about adopting a new pup, please share this article to help them understand how their pet might feel! We want every dog to have a happy home that will love him or her unconditionally.

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