Here we are going to look at Thundershirt Dogs reviews. You can then decide if this product would be suitable for your dog’s anxiety and stress.

thundershirt for dog anxiety

Using a Thundershirt for Anxiety in your Dog

There is a vast range of alternatives available for dogs that suffer from anxiety and stress. Supplements can be effective but can take weeks or months to show results, as it takes time for the ingredients to be absorbed into the body. We are going to review the Thundershirt, which has produced great results for dogs with anxiety.

Many dog owners face the daily worry of the ‘what happens if…’ scenario. What we mean by that is, for instance, what happens if you hear a clap of thunder that transcends into a loud, blustery storm? You rush to protect your dog by putting him in his crate, turning on the radio, or sitting with him as he trembles in fear. We appreciate that it is not an ideal situation.

In order for a dog to cope with his anxiety and stress, he needs to feel safe and secure. When his anxiety triggers, it quickly escalates. This produces adrenaline [fight or flight] response, which can put your dog into a state of panic.

This is where a Thundershirt becomes invaluable.

What is a Thundershirt?

Though the name may conjure expectations of a weird and wonderful techno-gadget, the principles of the Thundershirt are simple.

With similar concepts to swaddling a baby, the Thundershirt acts as a pressure wrap. When fitted, the pressure on the dog’s body causes the dog to feel safe, which reduces his anxiety. 

The Thundershirt is a lightweight, breathable fabric that is machine washable on a regular warm wash. You will notice that it has an element of stretch and fits reasonably tightly so that your dog feels the benefits of the wrap without feeling restricted. It looks like a fitted dog vest/coat.

Is there scientific proof that the Thundershirt works?

Yes, there is. Dr. Temple Grandin is a renowned expert on autism and animal behavior. Her research shows that using a Thundershirt helps with anxiety levels in dogs.

Below are two documents from Dr. Grandin on the subject of the Thundershirt for dogs

What anxiety issues will the Thundershirt help with?

You can use the Thundershirt for any issues of anxiety, anything that makes your dog become anxious.

Typically, the below list are some of the more common uses:

  • ​Fear of loud noises – thunderstorms, gunfire, fireworks, etc.
  • During travel
  • Dog reactivity – to other dogs and/or people
  • Dogs with low impulse control that become over-excited quickly
  • Separation anxiety
  • Rescue dogs in new environment
  • Fear of new things
  • General nervousness

Will I need to train my dog to wear a Thundershirt?

There is no need for training for your dog to wear it. The design of the Thundershirt is such that a dog will respond positively. However, if your dog has an extreme case of separation anxiety, we would suggest monitoring his behavior for a while before you leave him wearing the Thundershirt.

You may wish to consult your trainer as to the best way of integrating the use of the Thundershirt into your training/rehabilitation program.

Will a Thundershirt work for my dog?

The manufacturers report that 80% of dogs respond positively to the Thundershirt. They suggest that you try it with your dog at least three times. In the unlikely event that it does not work for your dog, there is a full 45-day money-back guarantee from the company.

How long do I leave a Thundershirt on my dog?

The Thundershirt is a lightweight, breathable fabric so your dog does not overheat. Your dog can wear his Thundershirt for long periods but we do suggest checking for any signs of rubbing or irritation if it is on for two hours or more.

Ideally, the Thundershirt is best suited for wearing when a situation arises that normally causes him anxiety, for example, when there are thunderstorms or fireworks.

How do I fit the Thundershirt?

The Thundershirt should be a snug fit. It is a simple design that makes it easy for you and your dog. You put the Thundershirt on his back, fasten at the front, and then wrap the middle around his torso, which then secures with Velcro fastenings.

Before you order, you need to measure his chest circumference and know his weight.

It comes in a variety of sizes:

Chest Sizein CMWeight (kg)
XXS23-333 kg
XS33-434-6 kg
S43-537-11 kg
M53-6412-18 kg
L64-7619-29 kg
XL76-9429-50 kg
XXL94-127Up to 50 kg

We suggest a trial run or two before you actually need to use the Thundershirt. This allows your dog to feel the benefits and start to enjoy wearing it.

Why use a Thundershirt?

The Thundershirt is a safe, positive alternative to other remedies or gadgets recommended for dog anxiety. It is a gentle way to help your dog with his anxiety levels, and most dogs do enjoy wearing their Thundershirt.

With an 80% success rate, this is higher than most alternatives for dog anxiety, so there is a greater chance of this option working for your dog.

The Thundershirt works for a wide range of anxiety issues. It works fast and there are no medications needed. Even with natural ingredients, some dogs can have an adverse reaction to supplements.

The greatest benefit is the low cost, which represents good value. The Thundershirt is good quality, lightweight material that has proved to be durable. It is machine washable and dries quickly. There are no ongoing costs other than replacing the Thundershirt when it eventually wears out which will be considerably longer than you imagine.

You may have been considering calling in a dog trainer to help your dog with his anxiety issues. This can be costly, as it will require more than one session to help your dog to learn coping strategies for his anxiety. Whilst we endorse the use of positive training for your dog, we would recommend trying a Thundershirt first to see how your dog responds, possibly saving you the cost of trainer visits.

It won’t take long for you to see how the Thundershirt works for your dog. Give it a few days and you may see some positive changes in his normal response to anxiety. 

Overall, our review was an outstanding thumbs up. It is a quality product at a low price and it produces the results. Please let us know of your own success with the Thundershirt.

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