It can be hard to know what triggers dog anxiety. Dogs will react differently to different things, and it is important that you don’t make any assumptions about what could trigger dog anxiety. In this blog post, we are going to explore 11 Unexpected Things That Trigger Dog Anxiety! After reading this blog post, you’ll know all the signs of a dog who is having an anxiety attack or has other symptoms of dog anxiety. You’ll also have some helpful tips on how you can help your pup with their anxious behavior!

things that trigger anxiety in dogs

11 Unexpected Things That Trigger Dog Anxiety:

1 The sound of a barking dog:

The sound of another barking dog can also trigger anxiety in your dog.

Dogs are pack animals, and they become anxious when separated from their pack. This can especially be an issue if your dog is spending time at home alone while you are outside with another barking dog.

Other dogs may trigger anxiety in your dog due to territorial issues as well. Not only does the sound of a barking dog cause them anxiety, but it can lead to barking and other negative behaviors such as trying to escape out of a window or door.

It’s important for you not only to take the necessary steps in dealing with your dog’s separation anxiety but also work on how he reacts towards dogs and their barks (if there are any).

2 The Sounds of Fireworks:

The noise, flashes, and smells can all create anxiety in your dog during a Fourth of July party or other types of celebration where there are loud noises associated with firecrackers, etc., which may cause continued barking for hours after it has stopped. 

If you know that fireworks season is upon us, it’s important to take the necessary steps in helping your dog deal with his anxiety. Your veterinarian can provide medications for him if needed and there are many other options available like Thundershirt and Dog Anxiety vest.

With some patience on your part, he will be able to adjust accordingly so that he isn’t so anxious all the time.

Thundershirt is always the best way for curing or keeping your dog normal. You can check thundershirt for dogs reviews post for more information.

3 Being Left Alone

Being Left Alone also can trigger separation anxiety in dogs. If your dog is particularly clingy, he may become anxious when you leave him alone. This can be problematic if it leads to barking or other disruptive behavior.

don’t let your dog alone for more than 7-8 hours a day.

Leave a television or radio on to provide some noise and help keep him company.

When you leave the dog alone, make sure he has access to water and things that will distract him from being lonely such as food treats, or toys.

The more time your pet spends with his own family members – especially those he gets along with – the less anxious he’ll become when they leave.

You can also help him spend time alone by following a routine where you play, feed, and train all before leaving for work or errands so that your pet becomes accustomed to being alone.

4 You’ve moved to a new home

When you moved to your new home did your dog get anxious? Dogs can develop anxiety when their owners bring them to a new home. A new environment means that they will not be able to rely on the smells and sounds of their old home for comfort, which could make things worse if you are already having trouble with separation issues.

5 You’ve traveled by plane

If you have traveled by plane with your dog, you may have noticed that they started to cling on tighter than before. This is because dogs can become anxious about being in a new place, which includes the area of the airport. Dogs are creatures of habit and will rely on their routines more than anything else; if this routine changes, it could trigger anxiety.

6 Sudden Changes in routine:

Sudden changes in routines can be hard for your dog to handle. Dogs thrive on routine and consistency so any sudden changes in their schedules, environment, or routines may cause anxiety attacks and other negative behavior associated with stress.

7 Loud music from across the street

It’s the same with loud music. It might be no more than loud music, but it may also be the thing that sets off your dog’s anxiety. If you’ve noticed a correlation between certain types of noise, such as fireworks or thunderstorms, and your canine companion becoming stressed, there’s a chance he’ll react in the same way if you play loud music.

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8 The sound of vacuum cleaners or leaf blowers

Vacuum cleaners, leaf blowers, or other similar noises can rouse anxiety in dogs, resulting in panic attacks. Determines the source of your dog’s stress is critical to treating it, so if he becomes anxious by these sounds, mention it during your next visit to the veterinarian.

9 Strong smells like eucalyptus, pine, and perfume:

Dogs don’t like strong smells like pine or perfume and it makes them anxious. So when you use these types of products, it is better to leave your dog with a family member or friend.

10 A family member has left:

When a family member left, your dog can feel sad. Dogs are sensitive and they will react to the feelings of their humans. Try not to be sad around them as well as this is also not good for them as it will make them more scared every time you get nervous about someone leaving.

If a family member is leaving the house, let your dog know. If you are worried, try playing with him and giving them treats to make them understand that everything is okay now.

You might be sad without the family member:

If a loved one has passed away or moved out of your house for some reason, this can trigger anxiety in dogs too. They’ll feel like something is not right or they can sense your sadness. Try to explain to them that everything is going to be alright and try being more positive around the house if possible.

A family member has been gone for a while:

It’s true, even when someone goes away but returns after some time it will trigger an anxiety attack in dogs too!

11 Switched Owners a Lot

Dogs can feel scared when they switch owners. This happens when the dog does not trust the new owner and is not confident in them. Being alone also can make dogs feel scared, especially for young dogs who are still insecure because they are growing up.

You’ve just adopted a new pup and you want to make sure they have the best possible chance at success. That said, it can be tricky to figure out what will trigger their anxiety in order to avoid those triggers. Luckily, we were able to put together this list of 11 unexpected things that cause dog anxiety so you don’t have to do all the research yourself! If any of these sound familiar in your household or if you’re a brand-new pet parent who’s looking for some general tips on how not to scare off your furry friend, check out our blog post today.

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