best dog camera with treat dispenser

Have you ever worried about what your dog gets up to when left alone?

If so, do not fret any longer! As it turns out, they are in much better hands with the best dog camera with treat dispenser that will allow them extended playtime. 

The best part is knowing how many hours of freedom he or she has had while away from home Perfect for those long days at work where we all need some distraction after being cooped up inside all day (or even just relief against separation anxiety).

It might be worth considering setting one-use codes on these devices because sometimes humans forget their keys outside… More than anything else though I’m sure most people want peace of mind knowing Wherever-she goes;

A pet camera is an ideal option for any dog owner who may need to be out of the house for longer than usual. Leave your pup in good hands with someone you trust and make sure he has access to his own bathroom! If it’s a time of day during which most dogs tend towards accidents, consider installing one – they can really help ease anxiety when we worry about what might’ve happened without us around or whether there was something wrong at all (like if our absentmindedness caused some sort of injury).

A dog camera is not only for the people who love their dogs like family, it can also be used as an effective monitoring tool. You don’t want to miss any important moments with this little pup in your life!

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Furbo Dog Camera – All time Best Dog Camera With Treat Dispenser

furbo dog camera

The Furbo Dog Camera is a great way of keeping an eye on your pets while you’re away from home. With this camera, you can track what your pets are up to and even get alerts when they misbehave or leave their designated area. And because cameras today have Wi-Fi capabilities, this means that you don’t have to worry about the long distance between you and them anymore—you can keep in touch from anywhere in the world!

The Furbo Dog Camera is particularly useful for people who work long hours during the day but still want to make sure their dog isn’t getting into trouble while they are gone. But it’s also good for those who live too far away from their dogs’ location.

This camera allows you to monitor your dog from a different location, and you’ll get alerts when it detects barking, activity outside the home, or other unusual events that might happen while you’re away.

You can also use this camera to take videos and photos of your dog during the day. And if you set up a schedule for your pet, then Furbo Dog Camera will send you alerts so you can check in to see how your dog is doing while you’re away.


  • The Furbo Dog Camera allows you to monitor your dog from a different location
  • You can take videos and photos of your pet during the day
  • Furbo Dog Camera will send you alerts when it detects barking, activity outside the home, or other unusual events that might happen while you’re away
  • You can set up a schedule for your pet, and Furbo Dog Camera will send you different alerts to check in on him during the day
  • Because it’s a Wi-Fi camera, you can keep in touch with your dog from almost anywhere
  • You can also use it to check on other pets that are living in the same home as your dog
  • When you purchase the Furbo Dog Camera, it comes with a built-in treat dispenser
  • The camera has night vision capabilities so you can keep an eye on your dog at all times of the day or night
  • It comes with a two-way audio that allows you to communicate with your dog or other pets in the same household


  • Furbo Dog Camera is a great way to see your dog on camera
  • Furbo Dog Camera allows you to interact with your dog remotely
  • Furbo Dog Camera, unlike other monitors, can make treats appear to your dog for training purposes.


  • The price of Furbo Dog Camera is expensive compared to other monitors
  • App cannot keep a record of past sessions, it will only show you the last one you had going on.

Petcube Bites 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera

petcube bites 2 camera

The Petcube Bites 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera is a great long-distance pet cam if you want to always feel like your dog or cat is by your side. It’s simple and easy to set up and you don’t need any special tech skills, just an internet connection, and a smartphone to use the app.

With the Petcube Bites you can play with your pet remotely, talk to them through the built-in speaker and microphone, watch live HD videos of what they are up to, take photos to share on social media, and record video if you see something that’s worth saving. You can also monitor their health by checking in on their activity levels and resting time, so you know when it is time to give them more food or take them for a walk.


  • The camera will watch and record your pet as they move around the room
  • Watch and play with your pet from anywhere
  • Zoom in with 720P HD video resolution
  • A built-in speaker and microphone let you talk or play with your pet remotely
  • Customizable schedules help you set when to watch, when to sleep, and more
  • Night vision gives you visibility in dark rooms
  • Two way audio  (Listen and respond to your pet’s sounds)
  • Tracks activity with food, sleep, and play  (this includes time spent playing with toys or sleeping in bed next to you!)
  • Easily check on your pet whenever you are apart.
  • Get notifications when your dog jumps on the kitchen counter, someone opens a door at home, or your dog wakes up from a nap.
  • You can receive alerts if your pet moves too much, barks during the night or has a “messy” moment  (eating, drinking, chewing)
  • Relax knowing that you’re always connected to your pets through the Petcube app on your smartphone even when you are not at home.


  • The camera has a 1080p HD video screen with a built-in speaker and microphone
  • It can take still photos, livestream, and record video footage from the camera’s perspective
  • Pet owners can pet their pets from anywhere using live streaming from the app or through two-way audio
  • They can also schedule a recording time for the camera to stay on a specific point of interest


  • The battery life is not as long as advertised
  • The camera doesn’t have infrared capabilities which means the picture quality is significantly lower at night.

WOpet Smart Pet Camera

wopet smart pet camera

With a WOpet pet camera, an owner can use it to see what their pets are up to. If the owner gets too busy and forgets to feed them, they can get alerts when their pet is hungry.

The Wi-Fi capabilities in the camera mean that the owner isn’t limited in how far away they are from their pet when they decide to keep an eye on them. The camera also lets owners know when their pets leave a designated area, thanks to the built-in fence detection system.


  • HD-quality streaming and recording
  • Capture motion detection, sound detection and pet ID tags
  • Seamless synchronization with the WOpet app
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi enabled
  • Night vision


  • There is a video recording function.
  • The camera rotates 360 degrees so you can view from any angle.
  • Night vision that allows you to see clearly in the dark.
  • Send alerts to your phone when it detects motion and noise.
  • You can control movement, sound recording, video quality and brightness via the application.
  • You can use this for more than one pet with its own account.


  • The included battery will need to be charged before you can use it.
  • The application costs additional money.

Owlet Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser

owlet pet camera with treat dispenser
owlet pet camera with treat dispenser

Owlet Home, the newest product of the Owlet Smart Sock Company, is a pet camera with a treat dispenser that will give you peace of mind when you are not at home.

The way it works is that you put your pet’s collar on and whenever your pet triggers the motion-sensing technology sensors located inside, the system will dispense a portion of their favorite treats. The application also sends notifications to your phone through an app so you can interact with your pets while being away.

The camera captures your pets’ playtime and feedings (and also records any behavior that might be abnormal) and streams the recording to an app on your smartphone or computer for safekeeping. You can even capture photos remotely with the app.


  • Motion Sensors
  • Treat Dispenser
  • Video feed with audio
  • Two-way microphone
  • Secure cloud storage for your video and photos
  • Alerts through the app when you pets are up to no good or leave their designated area
  • Secure, encrypted wireless connection


  • Monitor your pet while you’re away on your phone
  • Built in movement sensor to detect if your pet is awake or asleep
  • GPS enabled for family pet location on map
  • Waterproof and rechargeable battery lasts up to 72 hours on standby


  • No video recording (camera is not built into the unit)
  • Does not include a USB charging cable so you need to charge it externally
  • Only monitor your pet while you’re away
  • No keyhole on bottom for wall mounting

PupPod Rocker Training Treat Tossing Camera Dispenser

puppod camera with treat dispenser

PupPod Tossing Camera is a really cool device that has the capability of taking video content of your pet’s behavior in the home. You can then watch or share these videos for entertainment for your friends.

You can also get alerts when they are about to misbehave or if they leave their designated area. This camera has Wi-Fi capabilities so you don’t have to worry about long distances anymore, you can keep in touch with them anywhere in the world!


  • Control the camera with your phone
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Treat dispenser
  • Track misbehaviors
  • Get alerts when they are about to misbehave or leave designated area
  • View live videos on your phone
  • Take photos from your phone
  • Has a sleep mode to conserve battery life


  • The PupPod Rocker is great because it has a lightweight design that will not affect the dog’s ability to get around.
  • The camera also features an HD video quality that is really good, and it’s easy for people to see from a long way off. 
  • Some of the cons of this product are that the battery life is only about ten hours, and sometimes when you’re in a dark room, the image can be blurry.
  • The PupPod Rocker can make it easy to keep an eye on your best friend when they are outside, especially if the weather is not great.
  • This device also has a built-in camera that allows you to record every moment of their playtime, which could be really good for some pet owners.


  • One of the biggest drawbacks to this product is the fact that it will not stay on all night, and might turn off after a few hours despite being fully charged.
  • The second big problem with the PupPod Rocker is that the camera sometimes shows up as black and white when there’s no light in the area.

DOGNESS Wi-Fi Pet Camera

dogness dog camera with treat dispenser

Keep an eye on your pets while you’re away with the DOGNESS Wi-Fi Pet Camera! With this camera, you can track what your pets are up to and get alerts when they misbehave. And because cameras today have Wi-Fi capabilities, this means that you don’t have to worry about the long distance between you and them anymore-you can keep in touch from anywhere in the world!


  • HD 720P Real Time, Motion Detection
  • 2.4 inch LCD screen on camera
  • Records to Micro SD card (not included)
  • Wireless Internet Connection with Wi-Fi 802.11n
  • Night Vision
  • Live view by pushing camera button
  • Night Vision with IR LEDs
  • Alarm Motion Detection on Camera
  • Support Micro SD card up to 32GB capacity (not included)


  • Has a 2.4 inch LCD screen so you can see what your pets are doing right on the camera! No need for extra monitors or computers to check in.
  • You can see your pets in real time! No need to keep checking in.
  • When you are away from home, you can connect to the camera via Wi-Fi and check on your pets.
  • Very easy setup! Just plug it into a power outlet, insert SD card, install APP on phone or tablet, and you’re ready to go!
  • Alerts come right on your phone when the alarm is activated and sends snapshots of the camera and QR code.


  • Buy a USB wall outlet if you don’t have one.
  • No pan or tilt capability so you only get a certain view of the room.
  • Cannot schedule alarm activation time, but you can set it to be constantly on.
  • Have to get your own SD card for the camera to record videos.

SKYMEE Pet Camera

skymee dog camera treat dispenser

The SKYMEE is one of the most popular pet camera systems on the market. It monitors not only your pets’ heart rate and breathing but also their temperature and movement. You can even use it as a baby monitor for those times when you just want to check up on your pet while your child is napping.

The SKYMEE system comes with a mobile app that makes checking in on your pet from anywhere possible, which includes the ability to talk to them through the app via two-way audio. It also tracks daily activity, food intake, sleep habits, and more. The regular update notifications let you know what’s going on with your pet without having to open up the app or call them.


  • Sleek, lightweight design
  • Two-way audio
  • Tracks daily activity, food intake, sleep habits, and more
  • Peace of mind when it comes to pet safety
  • Tracks heart rate and breathing, as well as temperature and movement
  • The app makes keeping up with your pet from anywhere possible
  • Regular update notifications let you know what’s going on without having to check in
  • connect with alexa.


  • Keeps pets safe by monitoring their heart rate, breathing, and movement.
  • Tracks food intake, sleep habits, and more.
  • Lets you talk to your pet through the app for two way audio.
  • Give peace of mind when it comes to your pet’s safety while they’re home alone.
  • Keep up with the daily activities of your pet to stay on top of things.


  • Expensive for some budgets.
  • Requires additional equipment, such as an SKYMEE base station, to ensure accuracy and safety.
  • Does not allow you to see your pet in real time because of the monitoring technology. It does send alerts when it detects something is off though, so this would be a good backup for those who want to see what’s going on with their pet.

What is a pet camera monitoring system?

The pet camera monitoring system is a security-based pet care device that can be installed in your home. The pet camera monitoring system allows pet owners to keep an eye on their pets while they’re not there. With these pet cameras, you can remotely watch everything your pet does and see where they are at all times.

This pet camera has many great features like two-way audio and remote panning and tilting to make sure you don’t miss anything. One of the main things to know about installing a pet camera system is that it requires quite a bit of work: running wires for power, internet, and video cables from your house to the location where the pet camera will be installed, drilling holes in the wall, and running the pet camera wires through those holes.

The pet camera monitoring system will allow pet owners to see their pet from anywhere, so you’ll always know what your pet is doing and where they are at all times. The pet cameras have a wide viewing angle so they can be installed in multiple locations around your home or yard to cover the pet areas where your pet likes to spend time. They can also be used indoors and outdoors, depending on what kind of pet camera you’re looking for.

The pet cameras can have two-way audio so that you can communicate with your pet through the pet camera system. This is great to use if your pet needs to be pet, reassured that you’re still there for them.

It also watches over your pet at all times so you don’t have to worry about anything! You can pet-sit or pet-watch your pet while you’re out of the house and not around with the pet camera monitoring system. This is great for pet owners who work long hours and pet sitters everywhere.

What should I look for when buying a dog camera?

You should look at the following things before buying Best Dog Camera with Treat Dispenser.


As pet products become more popular, pet cams are becoming more affordable. Expect to pay around $200 for a pet camera with lots of features. Some cameras will come with an included subscription plan while others don’t have any ongoing fees.

Two-way audio

One of the best features to look for in pet cameras is two-way audio. It’s really helpful when you can speak to your pet through the pet camera while you’re away, and they’ll be able to hear your voice. You can pet-talk them through a pet cam or just reassure them that you’re not too far away.

Video Recording

With pet cameras, you can record video and take photos. You’ll always be able to snap a photo or record any pet antics as they happen! Some pet cams will even let you speak through the pet camera itself so your pet hears your voice directly.

Easy to use mobile app

Make sure that you find a pet cam with an easy-to-use mobile app so you can check in on your pet from anywhere. A pet camera with night vision is also good so you’ll be able to see what’s going on even when your pet is up at all hours.

Ease of set up and

Choose pet cams that are easy to install and set up. The last thing pet owners need is a headache from trying to figure out how to set up their pet cameras! Look for pet cameras that don’t require you to attach anything outside of the home, such as external antennas or cords. Some pet cams can run off your existing Wi-Fi network at home, and other pet cams can set up a cellular connection for pet monitoring without Wi-Fi.

Good HD picture quality

For pet cams, the HD picture quality is a must. Most pet cameras have 720p HD video streaming so you can see everything in bright, crisp detail. If your pet camera doesn’t have HD quality, pet owners will notice a big decline in image quality!

Night vision

If your pet cam has night vision capabilities, you’ll be able to see in the dark. This is especially important if your pet sleeps during the night when you’re gone, or if there’s low light in their pet bed that you need to monitor at all hours.

Wi-Fi pet cameras

More pet cams are starting to include Wi-Fi capabilities so pet owners can check in on them any time they leave the house. With a pet Wi-Fi cam, pet owners can log in through a mobile app to check on their pet no matter where they are.

Motion Alerts

If you want pet cams with pet monitoring capabilities, pet cameras with motion alerts are the way to go. When your pet gets up and starts moving around, their pet cam is going to send pet monitoring push notifications to your phone or tablet so you know what they’re up to! Some pet cams will even allow for two-way pet monitoring so pet owners can speak through their pet cameras to have a conversation with their pet.

Microphone and Speaker

Pet cams with both a microphone and speaker are pet cameras that let pet owners speak to their pet through the pet camera, as well as hear them bark or meow back. If you want your pet cam to serve as an intercom system between your pet and house, look for pet cameras with microphones and speakers!

No monthly fees

If pet cams have monthly fees, pet owners will get frustrated when they realize they’re paying to use their pet camera month after month. Pet cam subscriptions can cost $10-$20 per month and pet owners don’t want to pay that every single month! Look for pet cameras with no ongoing subscription fees and then pet owners will be able to use pet cams without having to worry about monthly fees.

Treat Dispenser

If pet cams have treat dispensers, pet owners can use pet cameras with treats to help train their pets. Treats dispensed by pet cameras are great for training border collies or other high-energy breeds of dogs! Look for pet cameras that will allow pet owners to directly feed through the pet camera so they don’t have to bend down and pet their pet, they can let the pet camera do the work for them!

Connect with Alexa

If pet cams connect to Amazon Alexa, pet owners can use voice commands with pet cameras. For pet cams that don’t have a built-in microphone and speaker, using Alexa is an easy way for pet owners to interact with their pet cam and give them commands!

What are some benefits of a pet camera?

Some benefits of a pet camera include being able to watch what your pets are doing while you’re not home. If something happens, such as your cats fighting, or if they get sick, it can be difficult for you to notice.

With the help of a pet camera, it’s easier for you to stay in touch with what’s going on around the house and know when there may be a problem. Another benefit of this device is that if one of your pets needs special care, such as administering medication, you can keep an eye on them with the help of this device.

How can I set up a pet camera?

Setting up your pet camera is very easy. First, plug it in to make sure that its battery doesn’t die while you’re setting it up. Some cameras come with batteries, so they are ready to go once you are. However, other cameras require that you plug them in before starting to use them.

Make sure that your pet is comfortable with the device, and then set everything up while they’re out of the room. This will help ensure that they don’t get scared while you’re setting things up. Once everything’s ready to go, move on to monitoring. You can log into the device on a computer, smartphone, or tablet, and you’ll be able to see what’s going on in your home from wherever you are.

How to choose the best dog camera with treat dispenser?

One of the first things you’ll need to do is to narrow down your pet’s needs. If you have a pet that stays indoors all the time, then you’ll only need to look for cameras that work within your house. But if your pet is an outdoor pet, like a dog, then you should look for outdoor pet monitoring systems to help keep them safe. You can find these systems at pet stores or pet accessory stores.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing pet monitoring systems is what camera features are important to you. Some camera features which are quite popular are two-way audio, remote panning, and tilting, way-points, etc. You may want to take some time browsing through these features before settling on the pet camera monitoring system that’s right for you.

Once you’ve chosen your pet camera monitoring system, it’s time to install it in your pet’s home! If the pet camera monitoring system requires a power source, then choose an empty spot on a wall near where your pet hangs out most often and run an extension cord from it so that it can reach the pet camera monitoring system.

After that, you’ll need to run your pet’s favorite toys through the pet camera monitoring system’s cables. This will entice your pet to play with their toys or sniff around them for a bit, which will then give you enough time to install the pet camera monitoring system in its proper spot without your pet being suspicious.


Finding the right best dog camera with treat dispenser for your home and dog is important. Personally, we feel that a training monitor would be best because they provide more features than just surveillance of an animal’s environment; however, it can sometimes cost less to buy something like this with treat functionality only if you’re on a budget-friendly route or deal hunt!

Our top pick for the best remote dog system camera with training functions includes all-inclusive surveillance systems that monitor your pup’s location in real-time, as well as teaching tricks like sitting or shaking paws while offering treats if they do perfect work at staying out of trouble on command (and avoiding getting caught by surprise!).

If money isn’t any object – but nobody said anything about affordable either!– consider going fully immersive instead.

FAQs about Best Dog Camera with treat dispenser:

Are dog cameras worth it?

Yes, pet cameras are well worth the money to purchase and use. Pet cameras allow you to see and talk to your pet when you can’t be there, and they give your cat or dog a chance to interact with people who live far away. You can interact with your pets all day long through high-quality video chat, look at pictures of your pet as often as you want, and watch recorded clips of all the entertaining things your pets do when they’re alone.

How can I monitor my pet remotely?

Each pet camera has its own app, which you must download before you can monitor your pet remotely. Once the app is downloaded, follow the instructions to turn on your pet camera and connect it to a wireless internet connection.

Is it bad to talk to a dog through a camera?

It is not bad to talk to your dog through a camera at all, so long as he isn’t trying to do anything important like sleeping or chewing. If your dog is chewing, go talk to him through a pet camera so you can get his attention before he swallows something dangerous.

Can pet cameras be hacked?

Pet cameras cannot be hacked, because they’re designed to only allow access to people who have your password. If you’re worried about someone hacking into your camera, be sure to change your password every once in a while.

Is furbo worth the money?

Furbo is absolutely worth the money because it’s one of the most technologically advanced pet cameras on the market. It can even tell when your dog is barking and rewards him for good behavior with a treat from the app on your phone.

Does Furbo have a monthly fee?

Furbo is not a subscription-based camera, which means that there are no monthly fees. Furbo comes with one free treat at the start of your purchase, and additional treats are purchased through the app.

Does a dog camera record?

It depends on which camera you buy. Some cameras will record videos of your pet to watch later, but some don’t come with a video recording function.

Can you hear your dog on furbo?

Yes, you can hear your dog on Furbo when he barks. The microphone in the camera is very sensitive and will pick up any noise your dog makes, even if he’s way across the house.

Is Furbo always recording?

Furbo does not always record, only when you turned on the recording.

Can furbo help with separation anxiety?

Yes, Furbo can help with separation anxiety.

Does furbo work without wifi?

No, Furbo requires wifi to work.

How many phones can be connected to furbo?

You can connect up to 4 phones at once to Furbo.

What does blue light on furbo means?

The blue light on Furbo means Furbo is being used for live streaming.

Can you have two accounts on the same furbo?

Yes, you can have two accounts on the same Furbo.

Is furbo secure?

Yes, Furbo is very secure. You can block other people from live streaming your pet.

What does purple light on furbo mean?

The purple light on Furbo means Furbo is not connected to a Wi-Fi network.

What does green light on furbo mean?

The green light on Furbo means Furbo is on setup mode.

What does yellow light on furbo mean?

The yellow light on Furbo means Furbo is connected to a Wi-Fi network and under standby mode.

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