Hey Dog Lovers, my name’s Suzanne. I’m the human face behind DogHealthKnowHow.Com. The other two are Skye, our American Bulldog-Staffie mix, and Stanley, our Jack Russell Terrier.

My dogs are my world and the inspiration behind this website. Only another person who keeps dogs will understand the unconditional love and connection you have with dogs. I simply wouldn't be without them. Working at home allows me the luxury of being with my dogs all day. We make a great team and when I'm not online, we're out walking on the Sussex Downs. We live in Brighton UK.

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Dog Health Know-How is devoted totally to issues around your dog's health. Topics such as Separation Anxiety, Diet, Dental Care, Older Dog Care and Breed Specific Conditions are explored in-depth for you to read at your leisure. You don't have to search the net for pieces of information - we’ve done that for you, and brought it all to one place, here on this site.

There are also some Featured Items and Product Reviews on the site that link to Amazon. I'm an affiliate which means if you buy something through one of my links, I receive a small commission. It all helps with the running of the site.

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I do hope you enjoy your time here. Drop me line in the comments box below as it’s always good to connect with other dog owners. I will always reply. I’ll also be continuing to update this website and be posting great content regularly, so why not create a bookmark for easy access.

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